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Valentines day books we enjoy!

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, I thought I would share some of our favorite books on the LOVE theme! These are the books we are focusing on for the next 2 weeks and this is my absolute favorite set of books to read to Aarya! I hope you find this list helpful when you are thinking of buying a book for your little one or even as a gift for some very special teeny-tiny friends 🙂

This book was written by the author as a gift to his sons. It is a real touching love story between a parent and child.It is about how parents love there kids even when they behave badly. Through sea of bad behaviors or good ones, I love you! – this is the sweet and simple message of the book.  Beautiful illustrations, best read with loads of cuddles and hugs.

This is one of my all time favorite books. I love the girls name in this book too, *Cornelia Augusta*. One day, Cornelia can’t believe her eyes, as instead of water it is pouring hearts everywhere. She catches as many as she can and figures what she wants to do with them. She makes some real beautiful, and well-thought gifts for her dear friends and mails it to them. It is a super-cute story and the only book I have with a girl as the main character ( I need to find more such books though).

Is there anyone who has not heard of this book? If you have a baby at your place or a toddler or a preschooler… or even an older child, this is a book you must definitely own. If you like mushy, heart-warming books once in a while, this one will definitely bring tears to your eyes. This is a fantastic picture book that is a metaphor for the overwhelming love one feels for their child, no matter what age. I have teared up every single time I read this book and the lines from this book are easily my favorite to whisper to Aarya at night –

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”

Here is a Youtube link of the above book; but I do think this is an own-worthy book! There are days when I feel that the Mom in this book is being over-the-top, but then I know in my heart that we do not do a lot of things but we do *think* of doing them 🙂 It is an ode to mother’s love. The author on his website did say that he made these lines up and eventually the story after his wife and he had 2 babies born dead. This makes this book sometimes more moving and sad …but really a lot more special.

Adorable – is my word for this cute picture book. Goose is sad and his friends try to cheer him up with all the things they *think* he might like, but Goose really just wants a hug! I just LOVE the illustrations. Very few words, beautiful illustrations, board book – perfect for the under-5 crowds. Aarya really loves it when I hug me in the very end too. But keeps asking every time why the Goose is sad and I make up some story related to something that might have happened to Aarya that day.

The next 3 books do not necessarily belong to this category but I like to read them anyway with this assortment.

This book has just 1 word all through and that is ‘HUG’. I love this book for its simplicity , sweetness. It is the kind of cute book which will make you go ‘awww’! Baby Chimp sees that everyone has someone of there own to hug and realizes he has no one to hug. The almost wordless book will make you feel the love, literally 🙂 Perfect for the under-five crowd.

                                                                                                                             I’m As Quick As A Cricket

I think this description of the book says it ALL-

A celebration of a child’s self-awareness, with the help of a carefully close group of animals.”I’m as quick as a cricket, I’m as slow as a snail. I’m as small as an ant, I’m as large as a whale.” Parents and teachers choose this big square book for the message of self-confidence. Toddlers love it for the singsong phrases and Don Wood’s large, silly, endearing illustrations, which feature a boy mimicking different kinds of animals. At one point, he is pictured sipping tea formally with a fancy poodle (“I’m as tame as a poodle”) and on the very next page he is swinging through trees (“I’m as wild as a chimp”). Whether brave or shy, strong or weak, in the end the young boy celebrates all different, apparently contradictory parts of himself. With a confident grin, he lifts his arms up and declares, “Put it all together and you’ve got ME!” (Baby to age 6)

Aarya absolutely adores this book, requests it the minute he sees it. And this book can be seen just lying around all over the house. This is a book he can *read* on his own. We read it like this –
Me: ‘I am as quick as a  __’
Aarya: cricket
Me ‘ I am as slow as a  __’
Aarya: snail.

He loves that he can *participate* in the reading and gets most of them right.

                                                                                                                             You Make Me Proud

You Make Me Proud by Umesh Shukla is a really sweet book. We got this book on discount because we were part of Eurokids bookclub last year (Aarya was going to Eurokids preschool at that time). The story involves a Papa bear and kiddo-bear leaving post-it notes for each other about what makes them pround about each other. I got into this habit of telling Aarya that I was proud of him and sometimes I told him why I was so proud of him. At first I thought he did not *get* it; but later on, I understood that he really loved hearing this from me. And I try to say and point out things more often.

What Valentine’s themed books are your favorite? I would love more recommendations, share with me your links. 

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  1. Veens, these picture books are very sweet! The last one, You Make Me Proud, does sound like a great way to support and encourage children. Children relish positive praise from their parents. I love the Little Bear books by Maurice Sendak; the illustrations drew me right in as a child.

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