Wandering Foodie – Sweets for the Tiny and the Big Ladoos

Is it not my favorite part of the year or what! I want to introduce Wandering Foodie! Your festival season is sorted with this box of goodness. Let me tell you how!

What does Festivities mean to you? For me, it means Family and Food and tons of sweets! Is it not the same for everyone?

After wrapping up Garba nights, we are already looking forward to Diwali! The one thing constant in all the festivities, even if you say no to new clothes, or new something else, you never say NO to SWEETS. From Prasad, to gifts, sweets make an integral part of our festivals. And what can be better than, handmade, preservative – free, healthy but traditional laddoos, all at your doorstep? Yep, you grab it with both hands and gobble it down. At least that’s what My Little Laddoos and the Big laddoo in my Home did when we received our box of goodness from Wandering Foodies!

Who IS Wandering Foodie, by the way?

Wandering Foodie promotes regional Indian cuisines and help each region create a distinct food identity. While ‘Indian Food’ is an all encompassing term, the sheer diversity in cultures in different parts of the country makes it mandatory to identify and respect each food culture separately.

Wandering Foodie explores and bring forth all the wonderful food offerings of India, already famous or yet hidden, in the most authentic way possible.


Wandering Foodie – the exciting Range of Ladoos

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Treats Box

  • A box of assorted Ladoos. This box has 4 types of Ladoos and thus makes a great option for gifting.
    Assorted Ladoos (4 each): Daraba (wheat) ladoo, Sattu Ladoo, Nachni (Ragi) Ladoo & Besan Ladoo with dry fruit garnishing!


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Sattu Ladoo

Sattu is a flour made from sand-roasted chickpeas (Bengal gram). It is an ancient, beloved ingredient of the Bihari cuisine, and has been used in earlier times as travel food and even soldiers’ food during wars as a reliable source of energy! It is an incredible source of protein and is also used for body building. ( info – Wandering Foodie). Sattu is different from besan. While both are derived from the same pulse, the procedure is different and so is the taste. Sattu is lighter and easier to digest than besan, and hence is ideal for ready-to-eat products.

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Nachni (Ragi) Ladoo –

Nachni and Ragi is known as super food in India. And its use is prevalant in Maharashtra and Karnataka. So making them into ladoos is prominent in Konkan as travel food due to its nutritious value and long life. Wandering Foodie has made these ladoos superior by using sprouted ragi flour in their preparation!



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Daraba Ladoo – Khandesh

This was our absolute favorite! My kids gobbled this up and the Husband dear also announced this as his favorite. Made of only four ingredients (wheat, desi ghee, sugar and cardamom), this ladoo is sure to steal your heart with its melt-in-mouth texture and subtle flavours. I know we will be getting this particular box for us this Diwali, and gifting a few others.


Why we love Wandering Foodie Ladoos

  • Unique and healthy ingredients. Ragi and Sattu – I know what the Grandparents will be gifted this year!IMG_4164-edited
  • Pure desi ghee (clarified butter) used. No vanaspati ghee used
  • Absolutely no preservatives. Only natural ingredients used
  • Soft, melt-in-mouth texture with desirable sweetness
  • Long shelf life – 3 months
  • No need to refrigerate.
  • They are packed in small round plastic balls which means that they don’t loose shape or break even when you send them to your friends and relatives over post!
  • You can order them online ( via  Wandering Foodie Shop), so convenient and they ship all over India
  • You can also order via Amazon (click to buy)!


I am thankful to Mom Bloggers United for this Opportunity and Wandering Foodie for sending us the Treats Box and the Daraba (Sandesh) Box – it was a complete surprise that my kids absolutely loved it and these ladoos were the highlight of our Navratri celebration. All images are either mine or taken from Wandering Foodie Site.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT – If you would love to order these unique, but absolutely mouth-watering box of goodness, do drop me a line and I will share with you an exclusive discount coupon ( which you can use on Wandering Foodie site)

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18 thoughts on “Wandering Foodie – Sweets for the Tiny and the Big Ladoos

  1. I am a bit of a foodie, so I enjoyed this fun post. The Daraba Ladoo – Khandesh sounds so amazing! Is this available in the U.S.? Your photos are adorable.

  2. Ooo the sattu ladoo made me salivate…. I think this would absolutely perfect to gift as well for upcoming festive season

  3. I must say that’s one yummy tasty treat for this festive season. I still remember my dad would go to the shop on every festival and get assorted sweet boxes packed for all the labor at our business. The same procedure is made easy here. I just love the packaging and how beautifully it is presented with all the love.

  4. I think these look exquisite. Especially interested in trying the wheat ladoo and satu ladoo. This looks like an awesome Diwali gift. Will look for these this festive season for sure.

    1. Hello Ophira, I do hope you try them! Don’t forget to email or message me and I will share a discount code you can use to buy it off their website <3

  5. I woud love to try Ragi and Sattu laddo for sure. I really likes teh way packaging is taken care. How beautifully each laddo is packed in ball shaped covers. Trust me it is so disheartening to see when you bring Ladoo from regular sweet shop and they get brreak . I am surely gonna try laddo this Diwali. thanks for sharing the details about Daraba Ladoo

    1. Jiya, you said it right – the sight of broken laddoos is no good at all 🙁 and these little balls are boi-degradable so win win!

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