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Wassup on Monday?!

A huge thanks to J.Kaye for hosting this which helps me chart out my progress and get depressed at no progress and exhilarated at a little :D!

This past week I completed Heidi! Wow that was a fantastic read! I loved this Children-lit totally!

I am yet to finish Along came a Spider and The Remains of the Day. The latter of the two has not been opened since the day I read the 20th page **sigh**!
This coming week is going to be busy. We have some relative visiting us and then there is a music program by our Aunt here… and loads of other stuff planned this week! And then the super good news– my mom is going to visit us on 12th and is going to stay with us for a week… now that’s what I am looking forward to the most! I miss her SO MUCH!
What else?! I am making slow progress with Jane Eyre, that’s great don’t you think!? 🙂

My secret Santa is Gautami, and she sent me 2 books and I am so Excited about them…

Shona gave me 2 wonderful eBooks [ I am surely going to finish my YA challenge with these YAY!!] ..

So I am looking forward to reading these in the coming week!
And then I received,

from Pratima. This one I won at a giveaway on her blog! Ain’t that great 🙂
So in terms of recieveing books, I had a faboulous week.

oh! I almost forgot… I got invited to Google Wave by Shona.. and oh my, isn’t it great out there…
I find this much better than Twitter though 🙂

I hope all of my US friends had a faboulous Thanksgiving weekend with their loved ones! Personally I love the idea of Thanksgiving… there is always so much to be thankful for! Mostly for this life and my family and the love that I enjoy everyday :)! And ofcourse for you all! Thank you 🙂

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  1. Have a lovely week with your mum!Heidi was one of my favourite childhood reads and I plan on re-reading it soon. I wanted to be Heidi when I was younger LOLMarley and Me is a great read, and I enjoyed Dancing with Ana too. Happy reading 🙂

  2. I haven't read Heidi in years – I wonder how I would feel about it now!I loved Remains of the Day – I hope you can get back into it soon. It had a slow beginning, but it gradually built into something beautiful for me.I hope you have fun over the next couple of busy weeks!

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