What's on Monday

What are you doing on Monday?!

Monday is here! Hope your week is full of joy, lights and happiness! It is DIWALI TIME! YAY!

So this week, you can expect me to do nothing but celebrate! 🙂

I finished NOTHING last week. But well I did finish Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe!
I started Nicholas Sparks True Believer
I am STILL reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol!

ahh… this week will be full of cleaning the house, making it shine, shopping for Laxmi Puja.. and going shopping 😉 🙂

Diwali this year is officially on Oct 17th 🙂

0 thoughts on “What are you doing on Monday?!

  1. Hey Veens, Happy Diwali to you. In advance.I miss the smell of firecrackers in Mumbai (NOT the noise) and the awesome sweets. And the long long holidays. I wish we'd have long holidays like we did in school and college.Neways, have a great week and enjoy the shopping and everything else.

  2. Happy Diwali Veens ~ have an awesome time!Looking forward to your review of The Lost Symbol, happy reading :-)LOL, thanks for your comment on my monday mailbox; you crack me up!

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