Write 31 days: Tip #3

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Write 31 days – How NOT to kill the reading habit in kids with Book Recommendations for boys Tip #3

Tip #3 – Do not offer reading instead of screen time.


My boy ended up hating books at one point when I kept telling him that *instead of TV, he should just read a book or look at a book*; I agree I was not so pleasant when I told him on many many occasions! I bite my tongue now, when it just almost always accidentally slips out of my mouth even now. We cannot force reading on a child, neither can you keep him away from TV or any other screens ( or you should be one of those awesome households where there is no cable and wifi is available but not used); so it is always better to have a balance. Cutting screen time to read, is eventually going to back-fire. In my place I do not let him watch TV the whole day or for indefinite hours either; instead we have a rule that he watches his favorite cartoons or movies for a specified time and then TV is off. What he chooses to do with the time that he has is his choice. He may choose pretend play, he may want a book read; or he may just do nothing… it is his choice.

What I do sometimes is to strategically leave books we haven’t read for a while in places he is bound to see. I also hunt out videos of the books we love on youtube to watch. The Gruffalo movie is a BIG favorite. We have also seen very many of our books in video format on youtube and The Snowman by Richard Briggs ( link to my review and an activity we did for the book) is an all-time favorite!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A3THighARU]

eBooks are an awesome idea too, but honestly I am not sure I ready to that with Aarya and Anjali yet.