Write 31 days: Tip #5

October 12, 2014 0 By admin

Write 31 days – How NOT to kill the reading habit in kids with Book Recommendations for boys

Tip #1 – Even if the book he selects is a book you do not think has any “value”; do NOT discourage!

Tip#2 -Let them abuse the book

Tip #3 – Do not offer reading instead of screen time.

Tip #4 – Do not Give up on your Children, they need you more than you will ever know.

Tip #5 – Reading is not just for bedtime. Anytime is  good time to read.

Mostly a bedtime scenario in our household would involve me forcing Aarya to get into bed, then getting Anjie ready for bed. In between this Aarya will plonk down with more than 3 books, and I will most probably not get through 1 because of n number of reasons. So, it has helped us immensely to read during the day whenever we felt like, hoping that Anjie doesn’t protes and I am not busy doing some chore.

As a toddler, Aarya won’t sit in one place for me to read. He would be mostly there for a minute before trotting off. In such situations, continuing the read was important, I kept my voice goofy and fun. Also, I would read to his toys, and suddenly he would be interested too 🙂 Letting him choose his books was the next right thing I did. It gave him control and he would sit with me to read the books.

Today’s book pick : If I built a car by Chris Van Dusen

Aarya’s absolute favorite book and a book that I love reading. It has rhyming texts, it gives power to imagination and it has a boy and his Dad AND a dog as the lead… SOLD!

I think every Car Lover should have a copy, this is a keeper!

Buy it on Amazon.in (affliate link – thank you!)